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About The Café Diet

To a layman, The Café Diet and weight loss may not seem related at all however there is a strong connection between two and actual results to prove it.

I discovered this strong relationship between coffee and weight loss after applying it and consequently losing a considerably large amount of excess body fat. Now I am a firm believer in guinea pigging myself for the sake of science.

The Café Diet is very much like a good cup of coffee. It transforms your life making everything better, from losing excess body fat, to getting fit and healthy. You will receive these benefits the moment you make a commitment to becoming a Café Diet advocate.

To fully comprehend the benefits of using this particular method of losing weight I will share with you my personal experience. I’m sure you will completely fall in love with The Café Diet.

During summer in 2013 my weight went over 180 pounds and my cholesterol level was constantly above 210. I was close to the pre-diabetic stage. I was overweight, had high cholesterol and blood sugar levels yet I hadn’t clocked 45 years.  That spelled poor future health prospects for me.

I tried uncountable number of weight loss programs, from loads of diet pills, miracle fruits to smoothies until they were coming out of my ears. For some reason, the fat loss was only temporary. The most devastating part was that I would gain even more weight after being on these diets. Fueled by my desire to lose weight and my love for coffee I carefully developed this system in late 2013 and tested it on myself.

Essentially, it is started off as a fat loss plan but at the end of a month long developing process I realized that what I had created was much more. After only three months into the plan, my cholesterol levels went down to unprecedented low levels. My blood sugar levels also dropped by almost 30 percent and I lowered my triglyceride level by 40 percent.

I had not only developed a weight loss plan (lost 30 pounds) but also created a healthy diet plan that lowered my risk of contracting age related diseases and other lifestyle ailments. This diet proves that it is not just fat loss that matters, but also the overall wellbeing. I became a lot healthier after following this diet.

The Café Diet was more about gaining my life back than losing fat. It is a big plan, with big benefits.

I strongly recommend you read my book about the diet, so you can get a clear picture on how it works. The Café Diet book explains my idea step by step and helps you create your own Café Diet plan.

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