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How to do The Café Diet

The Café Diet is a simple, flexible, yet effective diet plan for those trying to lose some weight and elude age related diseases.

The coffee as the French call it café is not only an essential element in my plan but also a mosaic word that summarizes the basic elements of my system:

Café = Coffee + Appetite + Food + Exercise

With my system you will learn how to use coffee the right time and the right method to boost your metabolism rate, control your appetite while at the same time eliminate the hunger pangs. You will be taught on how to put together your daily meal with healthy food choices for better results and how to burn the extra energy produced by the diet with enjoyable exercise

A diet based on 6:1 cycles. Six days moderate calorie restriction - not lower than 1800 calorie a day- and a normal serving on the seventh day. If you wish to eat all weekend long then you can chose the 5:2 cycle method. 

In the daily 24 hour cycle I provided two short 10 hours intermittent fasting periods of course one is during the night. One short fasting period between breakfast and dinner and the second one is from dinner - during the night - to breakfast on the following day. I usually give myself one hour for breakfast and 3 hours window for dinner.

This is how I divided my day four hours of “feeding” and 20 hours of fasting. If this doesn’t suit well then you have the option of choosing the 18 hours long fasting period - for example from lunch to next day breakfast - depending on your preferences. You don’t have to do any fasting on your off days. The most critical thing to remember is to avoid all kinds of sugar intakes during the fasting period as much as you can. This is how you will regain your insulin sensitivity and detoxificate your body.

To fully understand how the coffee and caffeine gets in the picture and how to use it for the easy and simple weight loss plan, please read my book. The Café Diet book will help you put together your own café diet plan for a healthier and happier life. While lots of diet plans claim you need to lose excess weight in order to be happy, I believe that you need to be happy in order to lose excess weight. I think this is the easiest way to losing extra body fat and I will share this secret with you in my book.

I hope that this little teaser has ignited your interest to try out this easy-to-implement modern diet, for the coffee loving urbanite.  


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