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Are there any health warnings I should be aware of?

Before engaging in any new type of weight loss diet or health plan, please consult your physician, especially if you are currently under prescribed medications or recovering from a surgical procedure. Ask your doctor about this plan if you are younger than 18 years of age, have an eating disorder, are pregnant or breastfeeding and most importantly if you are a diabetic on insulin.

Can I overdose on Caffeine?

You have to understand that every human being has a different caffeine tolerance. The golden rule is never to exceed more than 400mg caffeine per day or four 16 ounce cups of regular coffee a day. Even though caffeine use may be safe for adults, it's not recommended for children. Youths should never surpass more than 100 mg of caffeine a day. Some medications and herbal supplements may react with caffeine. I recommend that you seek the advice of a qualified physician or pharmacist on whether caffeine intake may affect your medications.

How frequently should I check my weight?

I usually check my weight twice a week; just make sure I am on the right path. It is important that you weigh yourself always on the same time of the day. I recommend doing it in the morning right after you left the bathroom; you know when you are the lightest. On some week you will lose more and less on another. That’s how our body works. Just don’t give up just yet!

What does the “exercise” mean in the diet?

In my system the exercise has a different meaning. It is absolute up to you. It doesn’t matter so long as you engage in some form of activity. Learn a folk dance or ice skating it does not matter since you don’t have to burn a certain amount of calories with exercise in this diet. Our main emphasis is that you go out and do something you really enjoy. 

Why do I need to be happy?

Happiness is an integral part of my system. I realized that it added a third dimension to my weight loss plan. I suggest that you can start something new in your life with the diet. When you start any diet you may have mood changes especially in the first weeks. I started to do something new that I had never done before, but always wanted to. I started learning Aikido. Aikido is a non-violent martial art, but you can choose to enroll for guitar lessons. It should not necessarily be a sport, just something you enjoy doing. This will boost your morale and strengthen your resolve to lose weight. I think people vastly underestimate the value that this has. It will help distract you from hunger, and give you something to look forward to especially if it is completely outside of your comfort zone.

The Aikido allowed me to expend all of that energy I was getting from caffeine in a way that facilitated even more fat loss. The movement was great, and I learned a valuable lesson. While lots of diet plans claim you need to lose excess fat to be happy, I came to realize that you have to be happy in order to lose excess fat. They have it reversed!

When do I begin fasting?

You can begin fasting progressively. I started my fasting period with two days a week then later added two more days a week. After a few weeks I was able to do the six day cycle. Fasting entirely depends on how fast you can adapt though I recommend that you begin the six day cycle as soon as you can.

When I started my first cycle I picked the two busiest days of the week which happen to fall on Monday and Friday. It is easier to skip lunch when very busy or there wouldn’t be a time anyway. The next week I added two more days and so on.

What are side effects of The Café Diet?

Don’t forget that both sugar and caffeine are “drugs” and you will try to go off those drugs. Caffeine and sugar works like many addictive drugs. So when you try to go off sugar or simply change your eating habit you might experience some side effects. Sometimes you may get sleepy, little dizzy or get headache mainly in the first few weeks of the diet. The first few weeks will be hard especially if you haven’t fasted for a considerable amount of time. Your body will undergo detoxification and re-adjust to normal in no time. While you are in the detox stage it’s advisable to increase your water intake.

How do I store my coffee?

First of all, do not put in the freezer or fridge.  Coffee easily loses its taste when exposed to moisture and absorbs smells therefore losing its aroma. Secondly, heat and direct sunlight can also damage the coffee bean and change the aroma. I strongly advise you to store coffee in air-tight glass or porcelain containers.

It’s wise to buy whole bean coffee and ground it just before you brew. Basically whole coffee beans can hold their aroma and flavor for a month, grounded coffee release the flavor components within two weeks. 

How do I brew my coffee?

There are many techniques for brewing coffee. In my opinion if you want to bring out the most from your coffee try the French Press. This method uses a medium to coarse grind. The grind must be large enough so the mesh filters can work. The brewing time is a little bit longer with French Press. Water temperature is recommended for this method between 195 and 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

What else is important for good cup of coffee?

The water! The regular brewed coffee is approximately 95 percent water so the water taste is affected your regular Joe the most other than the coffee itself. Try to use filtered water so the chlorine and other “chemicals” cannot affect the taste.  This is also true for hard water. Lots of minerals in ground water can also alter the taste. 

How should I take my coffee?

You should take your coffee without sugar. As I explain in The Café Diet book coffee and sugar is a bad combination for your health. You should not the two drugs together; caffeine and sugar. Try to drink in black or with a hint of Half & Half. Half & Half is much better than fat free milk, this is because fat free milk contains sugar but the cream doesn’t.




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